We are a collection of entrepreneurial-minded, independent and passionate professionals that rally around the ideal, “answer only to our clients and ourselves”.

Our team is diverse in expertise and experience, including staff at all levels that have worked in a variety of roles and many that have spent significant time on the client side. These eclectic perspectives and unique points of view are what make up our agency DNA.

We can’t wait for you to meet our entire crew of full-service marketing stand-outs. But we’ll start by letting you get to know our leadership team. Below are the men and women who steer the ship. Our leaders, mentors and sources of inspiration.


Daniel H. Nelson Jr.

Chief Creative Officer, President & CEO. Ring Leader. Lover of life.

Just about everyone calls him Nelie, but no one calls him lethargic. Always on the go, both professionally and personally, Nelie’s long list of career…

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Daniel H. Nelson Sr.

Chairman. Legend. Oenophile.

Senior, as he’s called around campus, is the former owner of Nelson Schmidt and current owner of legendary status in the world of advertising…

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Christopher Vitrano

Chief Marketing Officer. Brand Guru. Fitness Fanatic.

Whether or not you believe in the theory of sound body, sound mind, it has certainly paid off for CMO Chris Vitrano. Because this workout…

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Cody Pearce

Chief Operating Officer. Agency Maestro. Outdoorsman.

Every orchestra needs a conductor. And Cody keeps Nelson Schmidt in sync and in tune like no one else can. He has spent more than 20 years…

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Scott Penniston

VP Media Services. Super Strategist. Badgers Man.

Scott has many passions, but two soar high above the rest: discovering targeted media solutions and collegiate football…

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Lynne Chamberlain

Human Resources Director. People Person. Dog Lover.

Lynne began her career at Nelson Schmidt more than 25 years ago and has spent the last eight as Human Resources Director…

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